I am a contemporary jeweller making small pieces of everyday luxury

I am a contemporary jeweller living and working in Bristol, UK. Each piece is designed and made by me, at my bench at the wonderful Silver and Steel Studios in Bedminster.

I have an experimental approach to craft and making. I do hand fabrication and wax carving and always look to learn and incorporate new techniques into my pieces. I create pieces to last, and a little bit of  luxury for the everyday. I love to think about form and shape and play with the balance between something refined yet fluid; between something timeless yet a little whimsical. Several of my pieces use familiar shapes and symbols but placed in a contemporary context.

Jewellery and ornament have a long, complex, history of being a lot more than just something you wear. Jewellery is a symbol. It can symbolise power, wealth, religion, your relationship status or commitment to another person. I have always loved the way jewellery can bring back a memory or evoke an emotion. I want my pieces to explore the connection between the jewellery and you, the wearer.

I first began my silversmithing journey in Bristol, taking various evening courses. I moved to Berlin in 2020 where I took classes with Susanne Matsché. On coming back to Bristol, I joined my current studio, Silver and Steel, and completed the Diploma in Silver Jewellery at the London Jewellery School. I have a PhD in Geography and am a yoga teacher.

I am always working towards creating a jewellery practice that is socially and environmentally conscious. This is complicated and complex and always a work in progress. I research and learn about ethical practices from the mine to the bench.  I work with eco or recycled metal, my website provider is carbon natural and I collect up all my waste and reuse as much as possible.